Powertrain Control Solutions (PCS)

We are a fully authorized Powertrain Control Solutions (PCS) dealer and can supply all PCS products.

PCS Transmission Control Unit:

IMG_3765We specialize in the standalone Transmission  Control Unit (TCU) for the 722.6, W5A580, or  NAG1 transmission. This transmission is found  in Mercedes-Benz models from the late 1990’s  through 2008 (depending on model and  options), the Dodge/Chrysler line up (5.7 and  6.1  SRT8 300c, Charger, Challenger and in Jeep  Cherokees), and in select Porsche and Jaguar  models.

With advanced power handling capabilities in its stock form, the 722.6/NAG1 transmission can be adapted to handle extremely high power levels. It is also more compact than other transmissions.

All current Chrysler and Mercedes tip shifters, in addition to older Mercedes shifters with P,R,N,D,4,3,2,1, can be used.

The PCS TCU is custom tailored for the 722.6 transmission and is used primarily to swap transmissions into older cars. Such as Gen3 Hemi swaps or conversions for your classic A body, E body, and B body muscle cars. We are currently developing vehicle integration for factory-equipped 722.6 vehicles.

The TCU is fully programmable for any application, and starter calibrations are sent with the TCU for basic transmission operation. Upon installation, all sensors must be calibrated in the startup wizard, and some additional sensors may be needed, depending on your application.

The TCU can store two calibrations at all times and can be switched on the fly. This means you can store both street and racing calibrations. The TCU also ships with powerful datalogging software that can be used for tuning the transmission and diagnosing problems. In addition, if you want to capture all engine and transmission data in one place, the D200 Datalogger from PCS is also available.

D200 Datalogger:

The D200 Datalogger stores all engine and transmission data in one place via a CAN interface and digital and analog inputs. With the datalogger, you can track data about what your car is doing at all times, and you can use the interface to tune your transmission.







Paddle Shifter:


Paddle shifters are available in black or polished for 5,6 and 9 bolt aftermarket steering wheels. Switch on the fly manual mode for PCS TCUs, GSM Pushbutton shifters and the GM6l80.